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The Kenyon Inn & Restaurant

Located in Gambier, OH, The Kenyon Inn & Restaurant is Ohio's premiere and oldest liberal arts institution. We offer the finest dining and lodging in Knox County. It’s the perfect venue for those special events or even for your long awaited getaway. Watch an athletic event, or explore the area’s extensive Amish communities, attend lectures, recitals, exhibits, and performances given by world-class artists. Plan your romantic getaway at The Kenyon Inn & Restaurant or other special occasions.

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Learn More About The Kenyon Inn & Restaurant:

  • Weddings, catering, and events venue
  • Business events and meetings
  • Patio (outdoor dining)
  • Close to antique shops
  • Recently beautiful remodeled rooms
  • Fine wines and fine foods
  • Enjoy surrounding theatre, bike path, and shopping
  • Jacuzzi suites available

Our polite and professional staff is ready to accommodate your queries, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Contact The Kenyon Inn & Restaurant today at 740-427-2202 or 740-233-0026 for your reservation today and visit our main website at for more information.


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The Kenyon Inn & Restaurant 100 W Wiggin St Gambier, OH 43022


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